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Property Sign Up (aka. hotel / hostel / motel / bed and breakfast and other types of accommodations)

By listing your property on 24beds.com you will be able to sell your accommodation to users both in India / Abroad through our website and our partner sites.

Why list your property with us?
  1. No signup fees – You are free to Join
  2. Exposure to Search Engine (no additional cost)
  3. Opportunity to be featured on our site and sister sites and affiliate partners
  4. Property available from anywhere in the World
  5. Opportunity to Sell More Rooms
  6. Easy to user Rate & Inventory management through extranet (accessible by you at all times)
  7. Communicate and receive bookings from local / global customers.
  8. Receive bookings through our website
  9. Booking details sent through Email / SMS
  10. Mobile friendly
  11. Guests pay directly to you upon arrival.
  12. Dedicated support from our support team

On receiving your sign up application our team will contact you to gathering property data, images etc., and to confirm your contract terms and conditions with us.