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  • Summary of Booking Terms & Conditions

    These terms and conditions govern all reservations / bookings made on this website. "We" or “Our”, in these terms refer to the website, which is 24beds.com

    Our Terms, Conditions and Notices.

    Your use of this website to make any reservations / bookings is governed by these terms of use (the 'Terms'). You agree to use this website in accordance with and subject to these Terms. The Terms (together with privacy policy) constitute the agreement between you and 24beds.com If you do not accept the Terms, do not use this website and do not make a reservation / booking through the website.

    Summary of the Key Terms

    1. We facilitate the reservation / booking of accommodation through our website 24beds.com. We do not own or run any accommodations ourselves. Any listings on this Website should not be taken as an endorsement or recommendation of any particular accommodation or services by us.
    2. We collect a deposit on behalf of the accommodation provider. When you make a reservation / booking on this website you will be required to pay a deposit (non refundable) which we collect as agent for and on behalf of the accommodation provider. The accommodation provider will deduct the amount of this deposit from the total charge for the reservation / booking and you will pay the balance directly to the accommodation provider on arrival.
    3. How to cancel your reservation / booking. You may cancel any reservation / booking that you make, provided that you give the required notice period set out in the accommodation provider's cancellation policy and, in any event, provided that you give at least 24 hours' notice prior to the time and date of your scheduled arrival. Please cancel via your "Bookings" link by logging in at www.24beds.com.
    4. When you make a booking on the website, your contract for accommodation is with the accommodation provider, NOT our website, which is acting as agent for the accommodation provider. It is the accommodation provider's responsibility to provide you with the accommodation. We are not responsible for the fulfillment of any reservation / booking made through our website or for the quality of any accommodation or any other related services that are reserved / booked and in particular we are not responsible for any difficulty, accident, illness or any other problem which is caused by the accommodation or other services or which is suffered by you or any of your party during your stay at the accommodation (and we recommend that you check the accommodation provider's own Terms and Conditions for details of your rights in relation to the services they provide).
    5. Who to contact if there is a problem with your accommodation. In the event of a problem arising with your accommodation, you should contact the accommodation provider. If you have a problem with the reservation / booking that you have made via our website, please contact us directly via care@24beds.com.
    6. Our maximum aggregate liability to you (and any other party that has an interest in the booking) in relation to any reservation / booking made through us (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) shall be limited solely to the value of the deposit that has been paid for that reservation / booking.
    7. Ratings shown on the website are based partly on the feedback of people who have booked and experienced the relevant accommodation services or have stayed in the relevant accommodation and partly on other factors such as the information with which we are supplied by the accommodation providers (for example, the details of the facilities available at each accommodation). We take no responsibility for the feedback or the opinions expressed by the people who have stayed in the relevant accommodation nor are we liable for the accuracy of the information that we receive from accommodation providers.